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A Centralised Solution – 8MAN’s Answer to Data Security


As workloads digitalise, data breaches escalate. With Cloud models, the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ method (BOYD) and an increase in remote working, the way the UK public sector operates is becoming more diverse, dynamic and complex. Reports of governmental data breaches constantly crowd the headlines, and, with vast amounts of confidential data held by the public sector, IT security has become a highly charged topic.

Whilst there is a heavy focus on hackers and the malicious theft of data from external attacks, data breaches are committed invariably more often from within an organisation's own ranks. From accidental data loss, a lack of staff awareness of data protection or more sinister insider attacks, appropriate access rights management is a fundamental area to address.

An Information Trust Software

When data security breaches occur, organisations can face crippling fines. The Information Commissioner’s Office now has increased powers to fine organisations up to £500,000 for serious data breaches. Government organisations not only risk monetary penalties, they also suffer the loss of productivity, lost revenue and a profound loss of business reputation and customer trust. Every organisation needs an IT infrastructure that is deeply rooted in security, efficiency and accuracy, in line with the most current legal and regulatory guidelines. Information Governance is, in fact, the responsibility of every employee and any member of staff who manages the authorisation of IT permissions, data security, compliance and cost savings.

Previously, solutions have lacked the innovation and sophistication to deal with the technological hurdles to data security and require software that benefits not only ICT professionals but that also supports the operations of Department Heads, CIOs, Security Officers, HR Managers and IT Helpdesks.

8MAN provides public sector departments with a robust security framework for efficient and accurate Access Rights Management.



About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.