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About the client

Colas Rail is one of the world’s leading providers of rail infrastructure services. In the UK Colas Rail combines the engineering skills across multiple locations and specialist businesses. Thus providing total solutions in all aspects of railway infrastructure, from high-speed rail systems to light and urban rail.

Business Challenges

The brief from Colas Rail was to provide a solution that would effectively manage how the various pieces of data were being utilised across the organisation and partner companies, providing a comprehensive and easy to understand audit trail focused on increasingly strict compliance standards (8MAN is fully compliant across such standards as PCI, DSS, ISO, 270001, SOX and many more).

The 8MAN Solution

Products Supplied: 8MAN Enterprise, 8MATE for SharePoint, 8MATE for Exchange, 8MATE FS and 8MATE AD Logga

Licence: 1500 users - currently deployed across 23 UK Colas sites

Why 8MAN?

We explored many options and even talked to our in-house developers about designing a solution, however when I discovered 8MAN the decision was simple. The 8MAN user interface is a revolution and changes the way you look at and monitor the mountain of log files and data that exist within an organisation. 8MAN automatically harvests the data and displays it in an easy to digest format making it incredibly easy to filter and report upon. Previously whilst the information clearly still existed, it was extremely difficult to actually get hold of.

How often do you use 8MAN and how long did it take to familiarise users with the software?

The dashboard is permanently running on my machine, allowing me to constantly monitor our data situation.

Integrating the solution into the company was straightforward. The software has clearly been developed with a focus on usability and that really paid dividends when introducing the program to our less technical colleagues.

Key Benefits

  • Security - This is an area in which we made significant gains. Shortly after installing the solution we became aware of a staggering amount of files and data that we’d never had visibility of before.
  • Workflow and efficiency - It has helped us across a whole range of small problems that whilst in isolation might not seem of particular relevance, when grouped together take a significant amount of time to resolve. This doesn’t just impact the IT department but the whole organisation who would often be left unable to move forward until we had resolved the issue. Thanks to 8MAN that issue is no longer a problem!


The Product

8MAN is an access rights management solution for Active Directory, File Server, SharePoint, Exchange, vSphere and SAP. In addition to these technologies there are several add-ons called 8MATES: GrantMA (a requesting platform) as well as our Active Directory (AD) and File server (FS) Loggas which track all changes to your AD or FS respectively. 8MAN’s main purpose is to show you who has access to a resource as well as who has the ability to remove or grant access. Instead of being a simple discovery and administrative solution, 8MAN has a wide range of features to help companies incorporate workflows, best practices and policy to ensure problems do not re-occur.

Customers use our software for a wide range of reasons: to restrict access to a need to have basis, to meet stringent compliance standards, to use IT resources more efficiently, to institute best practices and policy and more. In general, 8MAN saves you time and energy while also allowing you to manage your resources along best practice guidelines.


8MAN: key benefits

  • With 8MAN you are able to quickly identify who has access rights to which folders and objects in your IT environment
  • 8MAN documents every change in rights access across various technologies and environments and displays this information on one screen
  • 8MAN serves as the foundation for the certification for the most important current legal and regulatory guidelines (e.g. BSI, SOX, ISO, PCI-DSS).
  • 8MAN is completely auditproof. Audit friendly reports on performed accesses and changes in access rights are created with only a few clicks. All access rights are fully documented – in active directory, on file servers, SharePoint, Exchange and VMware vSphere. Moreover, auditors and data protection officers can create reports independently and access historical documentation.
  • Minimise risk – reduce cost. The installation of 8MAN only takes a small amount of time. You don’t need extensive training in order to rollout 8MAN. It analyses the current state of your permissions structure and visualises the results in a comprehensive manner. This improved efficiency reduces your costs by up to 70%. Additionally, 8MAN minimises potential financial losses through data breaches by limiting access rights on a need to know basis. Thanks to 8MAN your data security is greatly increased, strongly reducing the risk of leaks to the competition or unwanted media attention.


About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.