User Provisioning

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User creation

You can set up new users within seconds with the assistance of role-specific templates. Users are generated in a standardized manner and in conformity with the roles in your company. The access rights to file servers, SharePoint sites, Exchange and virtual servers as defined in the AD groups are issued at the same time.

8MAN generates a suitable email account so that the new colleague can start work immediately. You can schedule the activation to prepare for the event in the future or to limit the access period for project work.

Whether help desk or data owner: The participants work with a reduced, simple interface in both cases. All accesses are set up in a few steps.




Access Rights Management

Your analysis has shown: An employee has access rights to too many resources. Modify the authorizations of existing accounts by dragging and dropping in a simple interface.



Account Management

Account management includes modifying Active Directory attributes, password resetting, activating and deactivating accounts and setting up out-of-office notifications centrally in Exchange, among many other tasks.

Modifying Active Directory attributes

With 8MAN you can comfortably edit all Active Directory attributes. These include name, telephone number and address.

Setting up out-of-office notifications

An employee is ill and cannot set up an out-of-office notification. One email to the help desk suffices, and the out-of-office notification is automatically activated in Exchange via 8MAN.


Resetting passwords

Password resetting is one of the most common inquiries of help desks. You can simply delegate this task to the help desk in 8MAN. The action is recorded in the logbook and must be documented in the comments window, with a ticket number for example.


Activating, deactivating and deleting accounts

Even fundamental operations such as activating, deactivating and deleting accounts can be done via the help desk in 8MAN. Like every change in 8MAN, this is recorded in the logbook. The agent documents the action with a ticket number, for example.


About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.