Infosecurity 2016

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Please visit us at Olympia for Infosec 2016, June 7-9, on stand P80.

Protected Networks’ data protection solution “8MAN” helps organizations to maximise data access control and audit readiness - while minimizing cost, time and resources. 8MAN provides a new level of clarity in Access Rights Management, based on permission analysis, security monitoring, documentation & reporting, role & process optimization and user provisioning. 

Results of a survey by Venson Bourne,
sponsored by Protected Networks GmbH





Time and time again, the wrong people are getting their hands on confidential data inside networks. And we know there are very many cases where people have the capability to access confidential data, but just are not aware of it! When we analyse network access permissions, we see these vulnerabilities very frequently. This is partly due to the technical complexity of administering Active Directory and other access rights, as well as the need for implementation of efficient methodology and processes.

In addition to the risks arising from inadequate access rights management for “insider threats” - such as willful or negligent copying of data by employees or contractors -  there are also serious risks that “external threats” may arise, for example if social engineering or spear fishing allows a hacker to access your network with a user account that has access rights which in turn enables that hacker to quickly access confidential data or even to take control of your system.

When there is a data access control breach, or an audit to deal with, companies quickly pay attention to the issue of data access control vulnerabilities and access rights management. But these problems need to be addressed BEFORE the problems occur. For the overloaded network administrator, it is not always a welcome task. That is why 8MAN is so important – because it takes the hard work out of managing access rights and correcting any errors.

With 8MAN, you can immediately see who has access to which data, and what data is accessible by whom. You can see the access permissions in a graphic form, so that the whole structure is easier to understand. Clarity is the first step to solving this problem. Reports will show the vulnerabilities in the existing access permissions.

8MAN will enable you to easily resolve existing security vulnerabilities in access rights, to provision new users, and to manage access rights for the future using established best-practice, group-based methodology.  It covers not only Active Directory, but also Sharepoint, Exchange and vmSphere.

8MAN can also log who has accessed critical data, so that you can pick up potential security issues and meet ongoing audit requirements.

With its API capability, 8MAN can also be built into other applications, such as service desk systems – allowing 8MAN functionality, such as provisioning or user removal, to be selected from the larger application.

So, please come to our stand, P80, at Infosecurity! Meet our  Country Manager for the UK, Keith Maskell, and our CEO, Stephan Brack.  For advance appointments at the show, please call us on +44 020 7097 1602. We will be happy to show you the 8MAN software, and to discuss how it may be useful to you.

We are also very interested to meet partners, existing and new!  Protected Networks runs a fully-fledged, accredited partner program in the UK and is 100% committed to its partner channel.

Results of a survey by Venson Bourne,
sponsored by Protected Networks GmbH