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May 2017

8MAN V8.0


With the release of v8.0, numerous services, which were previously only executable in the Rich Client, are now also available in the Webclient. In contrast to the Rich Client, the use of services in the Web client offers a number of advantages:

The services are integrated into the Risk Assessment Dashboard:

  • The administrator sees security-critical problems at a glance.
  • Filter, group and sort the analysis results in the grid and output them as a flexible report.
  • Minimize the identified security risks with bulk operations (enterprise license required).

Permission Analysis

Risk Assessment Dashboard

The new Risk Assessment Dashboard in the webclient shows the risk factors with the strongest impact on the security situation. Capture the overall situation through the graphical representation. Click one more time to access the detail views.

Resource Integration

Easy Connect - Integrate any resources into 8MAN

With EasyConnect, you can integrate additional resource systems into 8MAN. In this way, you gain the 8MAN-typical overview of the authorisation situation for other systems. The question "Where does a user have access?" can thus be answered even more comprehensively and simply.

Modify SharePoint permissions in Online and 2016

The new 8MATE SharePoint supports permission changes in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016.

User Provisioning

Integrate scripts

Include scripts in 8MAN Enterprise and execute them before and/or after changes. The scripts automate standard tasks and increase efficiency.

Bulk Operation

Using the Web client, you perform new bulk operations, such as:

  • Remove unresolved SIDs
  • Remove direct permissions
  • Remove "Everyone" permissions

Role & Process Optimization

New Role: Resource Owner

We are introducing a new Approver role: "Resource Owner". This role is assigned to the resources entirely in the Web client. Assign owners to resources directly without the previously required creation of organisational categories.

Requesting Directories

In the 8MATE GrantMA, you can order a new directory. This feature is useful for companies that follow restrictive policies for directory creation.

Single-sign-on for the webclient

The Web client receives single-sign-on (SSO). The Windows logon information is automatically transferred to the Web client, if desired.


Security Monitoring

SSL for Net App C-Mode

The 8MATE FS Logga supports now SSL for NetApp Cluster-Mode.

New FS Logga Reports

Run FS Logga reports time-controlled. In addition, we have installed additional filter options.


Documentation & Reporting

Flexible Reports

Get new scenarios via the web client and thus various new customisable reports.


Overall Changes


The 8MAN Configuration home page and the Change configuration will have new layouts for a better overview of the categories and their content. Filter by key words to find the desired setting faster.

Colour changes

For increased contrasts and better readability, we have adapted the colour design in all user interfaces.

Nov 2016

New: 8MAN V7.5

The 7.5 Highlights:

  • 8MAN complete redesign for better Usability
  • Flexible Reporting with the new 8MATE Analyze & Act  
  • Recertification of access rights Data Owners check access rights to their resources in an easy to follow workflow. 

Documentation & Reporting   

  • Flexible Reporting - The new 8MATE Analyze & Act creates individual reports. 

Security Monitoring

  • The 8MATE FS Logga now supports NetApp cluster mode.

Role & Process Optimization 

  • Recertification of access rights

  • Data Owners check the access rights to their resources in an easy to follow workflow. 

8MATE GrantMA: New Design of the self service portal

User Provisioning  

  • The new 8MATE Analyze & Act can modify various user accounts in one shot

Ressource Integration

  • 8MATE Exchange & Sharepoint: Now for Online & On premise.

Threat & Gap Management 

  • 8MATE Clean! removes security relevant errors on your file servers and creates an access rights situation the way you want it. 
Jul 2016

8MAN V7.1


  • Security Monitoring - Monitoring of user accounts and indirect group memberships
  • FS Logga: Support of Windows File Server Failover Cluster
  • Role & Process Optimization - New Data Owner configuration and individual workflows
  • 8MAN Programming Interfaces - File sever permissions (read & write)

Security Monitoring

Monitoring of user accounts and indirect group memberships 8MATE Alerts now sends notifications for reset passwords and locked user accounts. Additionally you can configure alerts for newly added or removed indirect group members.

FS Logga: Support of Windows File Server Failover Cluster

Role & Process Optimization

New Data Owner configuration and individual workflows Data Owner configuration has been simplified. Adjustments can now be made much faster. Additionally 8MATE GrantMA now allows you to design and configure individual multilevel workflows.

8MAN Programming Interfaces File sever permissions (read & write)

8MATE Web API now delivers folder and share permissions. Other applications (e.g. HR software or a ticket system) can now trigger changes to the NTFS permissions on the file servers.

May 2015

New: 8MAN V6.1

Highlights in 6.1:

Extended file server reporting functionality for the access rights of your employees 

  • As a Manager you can see with a few clicks, what your employees have access to.
  • As an Administrator you can now capture the access rights of several managers and their employees in one structured report.
  • Additionally the administrator can filter the manager roles by up to three LDAP attributes.

Generation, storage and sending of reports in one step 

  • In report configuration, you’ll find a new menu. Here you can adjust the settings for generating, archiving and sending of emails, in one step.
  • This reduces the time needed to generate reports.

Standardization of user and group templates 

Define standards for the creation of new users and groups in the system: 

  • Adjustments of a template empowers the Data Owner to create users and groups on the basis of uniform criteria
  • Detailed documentation for template creation is available here. 

Automatic execution of tasks 

  • With our new planning feature any task and its execution can be scheduled. When the administrator is on holiday he can schedule the creation of user profiles to be created at a certain date.  

Adjustment of scan update intervals directly in the client 

  • The adjustment of scan intervals is now possible within the client. Each Logga is adjusted individually.
Mar 2015

8MAN 6.0

Highlights in 6.0:  

  • More functions for 8MATE GrantMA
  • 8MATE FS Logga for EMC file servers
  • 8MATE for SAP – displaying permissions and accounts (for development partners)

An overview of the principal features:

New: 8MATE FS Logga for EMC file servers

  • Support of EMC file servers
  • Comment already existing logbook entries
  • Detailed ACL changes

New: Report for 8MATE FS Logga 

  • Access rights change history report for NetApp and EMC file servers

New: 8MATE for SAP (for development partners)

  • Display permissions
  • Display SAP accounts and role memberships

New: 8MATE GrantMA for users and groups

  • Order new users and groups
  • Use templates for creating users and groups

New: 8MATE GrantMA with Open-Order („Order whatever you want…“) 

  • Integrate self-defined resources into the GrantMA workflow

New: Data Owner with templates

  • Select and assign user and group templates to Data Owner configurations as resource

8MAN 6.0 – Enhancements


  • Schedule tasks
  • 8MAN admins can delete any saved/planned task; this will be logged and commented
  • Reports 

Enhancements for the “Where has the user/group access?” report

8MATE for Exchange 

  • Display Send-As permissions on Public Folders
Jan 2015

8MAN V5.7 - Extended Reporting

New: 8MAN for Exchange now includes even more modification functions

  • Administration of out-of-office settings
  • Administration of mailbox permissions (SendAs, ReceiveAs, FullControl)

New: 8MATE AD Logga

  • Support for time-controlled reports

New: Notifications about new computers

  • Following a scan, 8MAN notifies you if a new computer is present in the domains for which no file server scan has been configured.

New: Dashboard Reports for

  • Newly created permissions
  • Unused permissions
  • Inactive accounts (users and computers)
  • Local accounts for computers

Expanded: Reports

  • Reports are now also feasible annually
  • “Who has access where?”-report now unites these technologies: Active Directory, file server, Exchange und SharePoint

Expanded: Views

  • 8MATE GrantMA now displays the most important data for an organization in a clear and condensed way.
  • Views for the logbook and permission views are now more informative.
Nov 2014

8MAN V5.6 - Expanded Functions

8MAN Exchange with modification options

  • Create a mailbox
  • Set quota rules
  • Report on mailbox permissions

New: 8MATE FS Logga

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 support for FS Logga for Windows and NetApp file server

New: 8MATE AD Logga

  • Configuration templates may be saved when configuring reports

Additions: 8MATE GrantMA

  • Additions to GrantMA such as a shopping cart, option to order on behalf of someone

Additions: Configuration

  • Assign existing resource configurations to domains
  • Path for saving reports may be configured
  • New view for jobs, improved status overview

Additions: Modification options

  • Modify first and last names in Active Directory user accounts
  • with updates to dependent attributes (“marriage feature”)
  • User-defined modifications can be set in the Group Wizard
  • Support for multi-value LDAP attributes

Additions: Report “Who has access to where?”

  • Now also for Active Directory resources
  • Enhancements in viewing group memberships
  • SID history is also displayed
  • “Protect the forests“: The same permissions documents are only generated once in the report

Additions: Scenario “Where do users/groups have access?”

  • List of users and groups may be switched when selecting a scenario
  • The iSearch function can now be used for a large number of users as an alternative
Jun 2014

8MAN V5.5 - Expanded Functions

  • 8MAN Version 5.5 gives you even more features to use with 8MAN, both in terms of depth and breadth, and makes your day-to-day authorisation management even easier to handle. 

Overview of the main features: 

Web-based authorisation workflow with 8MATE GrantMA

system coverage  

  • supported by Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 
  • supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2014 
  • no longer supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 
  • supported by Microsoft Server 2012 R2 for AD Logga 
  • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 support for the 8MAN server and collector

delegation: now easier for the data owner and helpdesk  

  • extended role model in user administration 
  • simplified amendment of authorisations 
  • AD objects moved to another organisational unit

more functions for auditors  

  • discrepancy report on file systems with direct and indirect amendments to authorisations 
  • “Where does a user have access?” report on SharePoint

for operation: data reduction  

  • 8MATE AD Logga with filter configuration
Feb 2014

8MAN V5.3

What innovations are in the new version?

  • Create report "Where do employees have manager access?"
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Which functions are extended?

  • Selection of a "Database Availability Group (DAG)" - Servers for Microsoft Exchange
  • Report for OU (organizational units), members and group memberships
  • Data Owner configuration with Display Employees of the Manager dialog
  • Account and multiple selection view with employee list
Nov 2013

8MAN V5.2 - Enhanced Functionalities for Corporate Companies

Supports .NET-Framework 4

  • It is possible to perform collection tasks in periods of low server utilization. In addition, the time zone can be selected for each location. The iSearch and filter functions were improved in the OU report. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 4 are necessary with version 5.2. Details regarding this can be found in the technical data area.


  • Microsoft Windows .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 (recommended installation) or 4.0.3 (minimal installation) are necessary with version 5.2. The menu item "Technical data" and the release notes provide details.


  • With 8MAN, changes can be performed at times of low server utilization with this feature, such as in the night. After a change is created, the user can choose among four execution options: 
    Immediately/In the background/Tonight/Save for a later change.


  • The time zone can be directly set for a file system scan in distributed systems. This is also possible for time-controlled reports.

OU report with additional filter option - CHOOSE EXACTLY WHAT IS INTERESTING

  • The users from organizational groups can thus be limited, such as only the sub-group team Berlin in an OU group. Computers and inactive users are also displayed in the report.
Aug 2013

8MAN V5.1 - The complex becomes simple


  • 8MAN 5.1 offers both completely new products and enhancements of existing features. One of the enhancements is a report for Active Directory as part of the 8MATE AD Logga package. The new OU report for selected organizational units shows users with their groups and groups with their users.
  • As of now, SSL-based network communication are also mapped with 8MAN 5.1. There are enhancements for 8MATE FS Logga, Mulit-Client-Support, for changes in list groups as well as for group names.


  • All changes can be detected in the Active Directory! Who performed what changes in an AD account when? Which objects were changed? The simple CSV format enables post editing. The report is part of the 8MATE Logga package.

Reports for the organization units (OU) - THE REPORT FOR ACTIVE DIRECTORY AUDITS.

  • The OU report for selected organizational units displays the groups and memberships of each user. All memberships of a group can also be output. The report can be output in both CSV and PDF format.

Manage Active Directory list groups

  • List groups allow you to switch to a subordinate directory. List rights can be managed simply with 8MAN. The creation of list groups and the removal of list rights no longer needed are performed automatically. For even greater ease of use, the result of each configuration change made is displayed directly on the screen.
May 2013

8MAN V5.0 - Clarity in Active Directory

  • 8MAN 5.0 gets more from each Active Directory.
  • The new 8MATE AD Logga makes all changes in Active Directory visible.  
  • High performance 8MAN for AD permissions round out permission management.



  • With 8MATE AD Logga, you can document all changes in Active Directory.
  • The monitoring includes even those interventions that are made in Active Directory outside of 8MAN.
  • This ensures that you are always in control of your database. It does not matter which application is used, whether it is FIM or ADExplorer; 8MAN records it.

AD EVENTS: Are there changes after time point X?
WHAT HAS CHANGED?: Read the changes and attributes.


  • 8MAN for Exchange shows you permissions of all folders for public folders, mailboxes (for example, FullControl and Send As permissions) or mailbox folders including all calendars.
  • Additional functions such as activated absence notices, Send On Behalf permissions and forwarding and substitution rules are visible, thus increasing transparency while respecting privacy.
  • 8MAN Data Owners can also view Exchange Server permissions.
  • Permissions of public folders, mailboxes and mailbox folders including calendars are readable
  • Display of absence notices, Send On Behalf permissions as well as forwarding and substitution rules
  • Support for Exchange Server 2007 (SP1) and 2010
  • Public Folder Report in PDF format


  • Temporarily limited memberships can be directly created in SharePoint groups - perfect for linking to external users or consultants.
  • Reports about the current permission situation in PDF
  • Group memberships change for MOSS groups  

Active Directory Permissions - WHO IS PERMITTED WHERE IN AD?

  • 8MAN shows you all Active Directory permissions and thus uncovers security gaps.
  • The admin can thus check who, other than himself, has access to the AD structure and can make changes accordingly.
  • It is also immediately recognizable whether anyone has write access.

The data owner also gets new options.

  • If an organizational unit (OU) is assigned to a user, such as a subsidiary or a particular project, the user can thus execute his changes in the OU himself.

USE CASE: Where does Fritzchen Müller have access in Active Directory?
REPORT: Where do non-administrators have write-access?

About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.