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No element in a company is subject to as much access traffic as the file server. A large number of employees can make changes to any given system. This applies to assignment of access rights (permissions) and activities involving specific files. Not having comprehensive monitoring results in security risks and inconsistencies in the permissions process.

Security risks

Security risks arise when temporary permissions of unauthorised employees provide access to confidential documents. The latter can be viewed, deleted or copied. Even if the permissions are removed, any security incident that occured can remain undetected. There is no longer any way to verify who has copied what.

Unclear permission processes

Unclear permission processes cannot be improved if the current processes cannot be analysed. Who assigns rights (permissions) to whom and why? Where do problems arise and where are agreements necessary? The analysis of errors allows for creation of an individual authorisation concept. 


8MAN clearly displays the permissions structure on file servers. FS Logga extends this transparency to the entire access and change history in the system. Thereby, activities performed outside of 8MAN are also recorded. Security-related temporary permissions and modifications to monitored directories can be immediately verified.

Permission modifications can be detected by means of configurable reports. Access to and modifications of sensitive data such as deleting, copying, moving and writing is recorded  by the FS Logga. 

  • Administrators obtain a complete picture of the activities that take place on the file server. Thus, authorisation processes can be optimised.  
  • Auditors recognise security incidents with sensitive data and can identify the players involved. 
  • The management has certainty. With its monitoring, FS Logga provides the data for more security and process enhancements and makes abuse completely traceable. 



About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.