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All organisations, especially those in public sector, will need to carefully evaluate how they collect, store and manage data.

The scale of the fines being considered, for the most serious cases of data breach or mismanagement, are so significant that it will change data protection & access rights from being an ICT issue to a major concern for Departmental Managers, Heads, Directors and 'C-suite'. Although fines are substantial, they will be minor compared to the loss of business reputation.

From the results of a Public Sector survey conducted on behalf of 8MAN, it is clear that there is a historical attitude that data security is the sole responsibility of the IT department. Whilst most Data Owners take full accountability, the support they receive from monitoring systems and alerts is limited. Greater training and transparency on where data protection responsibilities lie is imperative.

Join 8MAN (inc carefully selected partners) to explore where opportunities for improvements can be made from using our powerful yet simple to deploy and use solution.


> Introductions

> Survey Results: Key Points & Call-outs

> GDPR & Access Rights Management

> 8MAN Demo

> Q&A

Data Owners, Managers and those responsible for data access / accuracy / integrity /
timeliness will benefit from attending. 

About 8MAN

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management (ARM) solution in Microsoft and virtual server environments protecting companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. The 8MAN core functions include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning. The software solution - a product of Protected Networks - is developed in Germany. 



It redefines standards for professional network security and efficient user management and combines advanced functionalities with meeting current security and compliance regulations.